Genta – Vee
Injection (VET)


in Carton

Drug Category:

Anti-Microbial & Bacterial

Composition: (Generic Name & Strength)

Each ml contains:
1-) Gentamycin sulphate eq. to 80mg Gentamycin base
2-) Gentamycin Sulphate eq. to 40mg Gentamycin base.


For Animal Use Only

Genta-Vee Inj. is effective in the treatment of infections caused by micro-organisms, susceptible to gentamycin, occurring in urogenital, respiratory, skin, tissue, and gastrointestinal infections.

Horse, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs : septicaemia, respiratory infections (bronchitis, pneumonia, broncho-pneumonia, tonsilitis, tracheitis), gastrointestinal infections (coli-enteritis of calves, enteritis, gastritis, peritonitis), urinary tract infections (nephritis, pyelitis, pyelo-nephritis, ureteritis, urocystitis), arthritis, poly-arthritis, meningitis, mastitis, metritis. Dogs, cats : dermatitis, arthritis, respiratory infections, gastro-intestinal infections, urinary tract infections.

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